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Are members registration free?

You can register for free.

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Can not you buy and does not become a member?

Buy without a membership registration is also possible.

We want to change the membership registration information.

My pageYou can you change in the "registration information change" of the inner.

Please tell me the withdrawal method.

Sorry to trouble you,HereMore unsubscribe desired effect, please contact us.

About the product

I have a question about product ...

Check and I will reply.HerePlease contact us for more.

Can I keep goods?

Noo of goods are not heard.

I had to put products into your cart, but came to view and order reservation end / Sold Out Once you have your purchase.

We apologize for any inconvenience. Even in a state in which was placed in a cart, it does not offer any order if other customers goods is your order has become sold out. Excuse me, please go to your purchase as soon as possible.

There are some differences between the visuals that appeared in other media, such as apps, and the design of the goods.

The design of the goods, such as markings, hair style, eye color, etc., may differ in some cases from the character illustrations that appear in the application. The design of the goods may differ in some cases from the character illustrations that appear in the application. Unless there is a discrepancy with the contents displayed in the SHOP at the time of purchase, We do not accept returns of defective items.

About your order

You have not received the order confirmation email.

If the screen of your purchase procedure completion is displayed, and your order is complete. If you purchased logged in, the history of your order,My pageYou can also check from the "order history" of the inner.

Also, please make sure there are no errors in that had you input e-mail address.
By e-mail software you use, there is a case to be recognized as spam.
Please check your spam folder.
In addition, if it is the filter settings, such as "URL link restriction" and "domain authentication regulations (e-mail reception refusal other than the mobile address)" is, thank you for setting so that you can receive a release or "@ example.com" .

Can I gift wrapping?

I'm sorry. Excuse me, but I am not doing offer of wrapping services.

I want to check your order.

Please see the contents of the order proceedings accept mail. In addition, if it is purchased by logging, the history of your order,My pageYou can also check from the "order history" of the inner.

I want to change or cancel the contents of the order.

Excuse me, but the cancellation of after the completion of your order, can not be accepted. Please check the contents before ordering, thank you for your order.

About payment method

Delivery agents

Domestic delivery "Sagawa Express" or "Yamato Transport", overseas delivery will be delivered by "EMS".

For payment by credit card

Credit card that can be used, VISA, MASTER, AMEX, is JCB partnership card. In addition, payment by credit card, making it a collective only. Please note. It should be noted that, since the number of credit card will be sent using the "SSL", there is no leak outside.

Can I change the payment method?

It can not be changed. Please keep in mind when ordering.

The Although I anxiety to enter the information of the credit card?

This site, in all of the pages customers to register personal information, encryption technology: we use (SSL Secure Sockets Layer). The SSL, by encrypting the communication between the Web server and your browser, even if an eavesdropper in the middle of the communication path is not exist, is a technology that disables the decoding. For this reason, privacy when you send personal information through the Internet from the customer will have been protected firmly. Please use with confidence.

About the delivery method

Do you reach How many days?

For product orders, after the commodity complete, we will contact you for shipping. The approximate delivery time has been described in the product page.

※ and if your order is concentrated, in such as when is affected to transportation by the bad weather, I might get time to deliver. Please note.
※ by weather and road conditions, there is a case to be delivered back and forth slightly.

※ Because you can not hear the cancel or modify the product, please understand.
※ In the case of overseas delivery, there is a possibility that the delivery schedule is changed by the situation.
※ Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays, year-end and New Year holidays and the store designated holiday is not shipping.

Can you specify / change the delivery date and time?

Specify the date and time of delivery can not be able to hear.
On the basis of the inquiry number received after shipping, please contact me change directly to the shipping company.

We want you to deliver together a separate order.

Since the goods dispatch arrangements are pleased to complete every order, we are sorry, but does not correspond.

Products in the long-term absence had been returned.

The storage period of the product is 7 days after received the goods to the nearest delivery shop.
Beyond the storage period goods will return to us, your order will be canceled. Since it is not possible to be able to retransmission of the same your order, please note.
If the absent vote has been posted, thank you to contact the delivery company as soon as possible.

Is it possible to deliver overseas?

Is possible.

Shipping charges to be added to your order, it varies from country to country in the luggage of weight and destination. Please confirm the shipping charges in the final screen of your order.

※ In the case of delivery outside of Japan, it will be outside the scope of free shipping, even if you are you registered to the e-mail magazine. In addition, the luggage to be delivered to foreign countries, you may import tax, customs and handling of the product in the destination country is imposed in addition to the postage. Please note.

Countries that can be specified for the destination is as follows. (2021/12/1 current)

◆ Asia
China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Korea, Macau, Malaysia, Indonesia, Myanmar, Nepal, the Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam

◆ Europe
Austria, Belgium, Switzerland, Germany, Denmark, Spain, Finland, France, United Kingdom, Greece, Ireland, Iceland, Italy, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Norway, Portugal, Sweden, Czech Republic, Hungary, Bulgaria, Poland, Romania

◆ North America and South America
Canada, United States, Mexico, Argentina, Brazil

◆ Oceania Mariana Islands
Australia, New Zealand, Guam, Saipan

Can you choose the delivery company?

Products that I received orders from customers, domestic Sagawa Express or, will be delivered in Yamato Transport. In the case of overseas it will be delivered in EMS.
It is not possible to be able to choose the delivery company in your Please acknowledge.

Received items was a defective product.

I am very sorry. Sorry to trouble youHerePlease give me more contact us. After confirming the contents, we accept the returned goods.

About returns and exchanges

Can I return?

For returned or exchanged, only in the case of a defective product and the difference goods, it has received. (Since the cancellation, not accepted as a general rule, please understand.)
Sorry, returned goods, there may not be able to accept the exchange. Please note.

※One case
- those goods was only one week after arrival
- the new ones were opened
- the new thing that we wear and use
And dispatch before and that became a different state
Of · SALE-priced products
- that there is no purchase history on this site
· Customers of shipping and handling of returned or exchanged by the convenience will be borne by the customer.

Can I exchange products?

There is no exchange of products for goods.
Please order a new item newly with you to return the product of your hand.

About Pre-order

About order production

We will order your order from you and we will confirm the number of orders for each product.

Therefore, please acknowledge that you have received a certain period after ordering. Please see the product page for the delivery time of the product.

Can I order anytime?

For order-order production type, we set the time (sales order) when ordered is accepted. We will notify you of the EC site, Twitter, etc. for the order period.

Is it possible to cancel?

Cancellation of products that have been completed is completed and changes in the content of the product (product addition and change to another product) can not be accepted.
Be sure to make sure that the order content is not correct, such as size, color, price, quantity, etc. before completion of order.

About scheduled delivery schedule

Due to your order-order product, we will notify you of shipping after product completion. The approximate delivery time is described on the product page.
In addition, the scheduled shipping date of the reserved product is a guide to the last minute, and it does not promise the delivery date. Please note.
We will ship sequentially as we deliver to distribution center.
(It will be shipped as soon as possible, and depending on the arrival status to the product distribution center, it may take 3 to 5 business days from the scheduled shipping. Please be aware in advance.)

If your order is rushed, delivery may be delayed.
With regard to reserved products, if a reduction in production occurs due to the convenience of production, the order may be canceled.
In addition, delivery of delivery contractors, New Year and bad weather, delivery is delayed due to delivery status and traffic situation.

About designation of delivery date and time

Daily delivery of delivery can not be accepted for ordering order.
Based on the inquiry number to be sent after shipping, please make a change directly to the shipping company.

About joint purchase of regular products and reserved products

Please purchase a single reservation product. I can not buy a purchase in combination with a normal product.

The others

Please tell me about the operating environment.

You need the latest web browser to use this site. Unless otherwise stated, it supports the newest version of all browsers, and one priority version.

The browser that supports Shopify is as follows.

Google Chrome
Mozilla Firefox
Apple Safari
Microsoft EDGE
Apple Safari for iOS
Google Chrome for Android

If you want to display this site and receive a message to update your browser, follow the instructions on the screen to update your browser. If the message is displayed even if the browser is updated, clear the browser's cache.