Terms of Use

Terms of Use (hereinafter referred to as "General Code") is a service to provide Wander's joint company (hereinafter referred to as "our company") on this website (hereinafter referred to as "this service" You are the terms of use of). Users who can register and use this service (hereinafter referred to as "user".) In accordance with this Agreement, we will use this service according to the terms and conditions. If you agree to these terms, the contents of this Agreement will be the user's contract.

Article 1 (Apply)

These terms are applied to any relationship involved in the use of this service between the user and the company.
In addition to these aggregations, we may make various definitions such as rules for use (hereinafter referred to as "individual regulations"). These individual regulations shall constitute some of these terms regardless of their name.
If the provisions of the Terms of Terms are inconsistent with the specifications of the individual provisions of the preceding regulations, unless otherwise specified in the individual regulations, the provisions of individual regulations should be prioritized.

Article 2 (Member registration and contract establishment)

In this service, member registration applicants agree to these agreements, apply to membership registration by the method set forth, and the Company shall complete the membership registration.
If the Company determines that the applicant of member registration has the following reasons, we may not approve the application for member registration, and the reason is that it does not have any disclosure obligation.

  • When delivering false matters when applying for membership registration
  • In the case of an application from those who have violated this Terms
  • In addition, if we decide that we do not have member registration

If the user is a minor, we need the consent of the custodian for the use of our service.
When the user completes the order procedure in this service, and when the Company receives the information about the product purchase application, the sales contract shall be established between the user and our company. We will send you an email for ordering your order after receiving information on product purchase application sent from the user.

Article 3 (Managing User ID and Password)

Users shall manage user IDs and passwords of this service at their own risk.
Users can not transfer or lend the user ID and password to a third party, or share with third parties. When the user ID and password combination logged in with the registration information, it is considered using the user's own user itself.
The damage caused by the user ID and password used by third parties shall not be liable at all, unless they have intentional or serious negligence.

Article 4 (Change and Cancellation of Order Contents)

Changes and cancellations of your order after the user's convenience after the order procedure is complete.
Orders to areas that were judged to be disabled by the delivery company may cancel your order even after the sales contract is established. In this case, we shall refund the product to the user and shipping charges.

Article 5 (Return / Replacement of Products)

If a product different from the order of order has arrived, you will receive a return or exchange of goods only if a defective product such as product dirt and corruption arrives. Please contact us within 7 days of product arrival.

Article 6 (Payment Method)

The payment amount of the product is the total sales price of the product displayed on the site, the consumption tax, shipping fee, and the fee. Payment of the product price should be paid by the Company's own payment method. For more information on available credit cards, etc., please check the "Payment Method" in the notation based on the Specified Commercial Transaction Law.

Article 7 (Products Shipping)

The product of the order is different depending on the product of your order. Please check the delivery date of the product described on the Product Details page. In addition, we can not be liable for deterioration of goods due to traffic situations during delivery, the impact of weather, etc.
Ownership of all products purchased by this service shall be transferred to the user when the Company delivers the product to the delivery company, regardless of the payment method and delivery method.

Article 8 (Prohibition of resale, etc.)

Wholesale, retail, resale, etc. to third parties and exhibitions to auction sites Board purchasing products on this website for others. If the facts such as resale are confirmed, we can take necessary measures.

Article 9 (Prohibited matters)

Users shall not do the following actions in using this service:

  • Act that violates law or public order and morals
  • Acts related to criminal acts or criminal acts
  • Acts that violate copyright, trademark rights and intellectual property rights included in this service, such as the contents of this service
  • Action that destroys or interferes with other users, or other third party servers or network functions
  • Act for commercial use of information obtained by this service
  • Acts that may interfere with our services
  • Act for unauthorized access or trying this
  • Act that collects or accumulates personal information about other users
  • Act that uses this service with an incorrect purpose
  • Acts that give disadvantages, damage, and discomfort to other users or other third parties of this service
  • Action consisting of other users
  • Advertising, advertising, solicitation, or operating on this service that we do not grant
  • Act that purchases products at this website for resale, resale, and other for profit
  • Act that benefits directly or indirect against antisocial forces in connection with our services
  • In addition, the act of judging as inappropriate

Article 10 (Stopping this service, etc.)

If you decide that you have one of the following reasons:, we shall stop or interrupt all or part of the service without prior notice.

  • When performing maintenance or update of computer system applied to this service
  • When the service is difficult due to the force majeure such as earthquakes, lightning, fire, blackouts or natural disasters
  • When a computer or communication line etc. stopped due to an accident
  • In addition, when we judged that our service is difficult to provide

The Company shall not take any responsibility for any disadvantages or damage that the user or third party is covered due to the outage or interruption of the service.

Article 11 (Use restriction and registration cancellation)

If the user corresponds to one of the following:, it is possible to limit the use of all or part of the service to the user without prior notice, or eliminate registration as a user It will be

  • When violating any of these terms
  • If it turns out that there is a false fact in the registration item
  • If there is a default payment obligation such as price
  • If it corresponds to antisocial forces or is related to antisocial forces
  • In addition, if we decide that we are not suitable for use in this service

Our company does not take any responsibility for the damage caused by the user through the acts performed by the Company.

Article 12 (withdrawal)

Users shall be able to withdraw from this service by the Public Procedure of the Company. If you withdrawn, information such as usage history can not be viewed.

Article 13 (Guarantee's Jorning and Disclaimer)

The Company virtually or legally or legally (safety, reliability, accuracy, integrity, efficacy, compatibility to specific purposes, security, etc., errors, bugs, rights violations, etc. Including. It does not guarantee that there is no) explicitly or implicitly.
We are not responsible for any damage caused by the user due to this service. However, this is not the case if damage occurred due to the default or unlawful acts of our negligence.
Even if it is determined in the previous item, the Company is responsible for any damage caused by the Company or the case where the user can predict or predict the case. Hmm. For normal damage caused by reality, we compensate the price received from the user about the damages that resulted from the user.
We do not take any responsibility for trading, communication or dispute, etc., which occur between users and other users or third parties for this service.
For product images listed, the color and size may differ slightly with the actual product in relation to screen settings and photographic techniques.

Article 14 (Changes in Service Contents, etc.)

We shall be able to change the contents of this service or cancel the provision of this service without prior notice, and this will not be responsible for any damage caused by the user.

Article 15 (Change of Terms of Use)

We can change the terms at any time by disseminating the usage of the terms that have been changed in advance and posted a change in advance to the website. If you start using this service after changing the terms of use, the user considers the terms after the change, and the contract content between the Company and the user will also be changed at the same time.

Article 16 (Copyright, etc.)

Intellectual property rights such as copyright, image, design rights and righteous rights regarding text, images, design and rights listed on this website are attributable to our or legitimate authority. Users are duplicated, edited, modified, published, reprinted, and distributed if they have been licensed from the use of this service, etc. Do not act, sales and offer.

Article 17 (Handling of personal information etc.)

Our company "Privacy Policy" (Privacy Policy) is for personal information acquired by the use of this service.★★★/ Policies / Privacy-PolicyIt shall be handled appropriately according to).
When we obtain user behavior history in the website where the company can not identify by cookies, the user can reject the Cookie receipt by changing the configuration of your own browser. increase. However, please note that this service may not be available properly.

Article 18 (Notice or Contact)

Notifications or communications between users and the Company shall be done by the method of our company. The Company notifies the contact information from the user, notification or contacting the contact information, unless otherwise notified by the Company, and notify the contact information, and these are users at the time of origination. It is considered to be reached.

Article 19 (Prohibition of transfer of rights obligations)

Users can not transfer or collaterally be transferred to a third party or a third party, without prior consent of our written prior consent.

Article 20 (Governing Law, Trading Jurisdiction)

In the interpretation of this Agreement, we will use the Japanese law.
If a conflict occurs regarding this service, the court that has jurisdiction over the company's main office is exclusive agreement jurisdiction.