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About order

Order flow

1. Add the product to the cart Product you want"Add to Cart"Push the button. 2. Check the contents of the cart Check the contents,"For purchase procedure"Press the button to advance to the payment screen. If you want to continue shopping, press the "Continue shopping" button. Delivery date and time specification can not be accepted. Please note in advance. 3. Log in If you already have a member registration, enter your ID and password and log in. If you have a member registration yet, please enter your email address, your name, delivery destination, etc., and proceed with payment. 4. Shipping method [Domestic] "Post flights" "Takkyubin" [National Overseas] "International Epacket" "EMS" tax included 11,000 yen Buy for free shipping. You can select and select a home or workplace other than the address you have registered in advance. 5. Select a payment method You can choose from Credit Card Payment · PayPal / Apple Pay / Google Pay. ※ New payment method will be added as needed. 6. Confirmation of order contents, process completion Please check your order contents and press "Order Confirm Button" if there is no doubt. If ordering procedure is complete, "order confirmation mail" is sent to the registered e-mail address by automatic delivery, so please check your order. ※ Notes · When placing items in the cart, it must not secure the product. Products are secured at the same time as the purchase procedure completes. Please be aware in advance. · If the order confirmation email does not reach, there is a possibility of loss of mail setting by customers, such as receiving to spam folder, or e-mail address error. In that case, if it is 1) Name 2) Address 3) Please fill in the phone number.

Order history

You can confirm from the order confirmation email that automatically delivered to the email address you have registered and entered after ordering. You can also view the order history on My Page after login.

Change order contents

Change order after order confirmation (change to product addition and change to another product) can not be accepted. Please note.

Order your order

Shipping of products is for system order, and shipping of summary can not be done.

About membership registration

About membership registration

Here If you enter more requirements, check the contents on the confirmation screen, and click [Create] to register as a member. After completion of registration, you will send the registration content to the registered e-mail address. Membership registration is free and no admission fee and annual fee are required.

Change of registration information

If you want to change customer information such as the address, phone number and password, login and "My Page" "Change and cancel the content of the registered content".

Forgot your password

If you have forgotten your password at the time of member registration,HereYou can reissue your password from. If you enter and send a registered email address, we will send an email with the URL of the Password Change page. Access the described URL and change the password.

Membership registration cancellation

If you want to cancel a member registration, please contact us separately. ※ After releasing, you can not check your order history. ※ If you have the product you are ordering, please receive the product after receiving the product.

About shipping and shipping

Delivery company

Products ordered from customers will be delivered by Sagawa Express or Yamato Transport. Also, in the case of overseas, we will deliver at EMS. Please note that you can choose the delivery company by our customers.

domestic shipping

National delivery fee (excluding Okinawa) SS Size 370 yen 60 Size 700 yen 80 Size 800 yen 100 Size 900 yen 120 Size 980 yen 140 Size 1220 yen Okinawa delivery fee SS Size 370 yen 60 Size 1300 yen 80 Size 1900 yen 100 Size 2500 yen 120 Size 3080 yen 140 Size 3820 yen ※ Sorry. Delivery to remote island can not be done.

Overseas delivery

Delivery charges added to your order depend on the weight of the luggage and the destination country. Please check the shipping fee on the final screen of your order. ※ In the case of delivery outside Japan, even if you have registered in e-mail magazine, it will be not eligible for free shipping. In addition to shipping costs, import tax, tariffs and fees may be imposed on luggage delivered overseas. Please acknowledge it in advance. The target countries that can be specified for the destination are as follows. (2022/11/2)

Azerbaijan, Bhutan, Hong Kong SAR, Indonesia, Iraq, Jordan, Kuwait, Lebanon, Macau SAR, Malaysia, Maldives, Nepal, Oman, Pakistan, Palestinian Territory, Philippines, Qatar, Singapore, Sri Lanka, Thailand, Vietnam, Laos, Bangladesh, Mongolia, India, China, Korea, Taiwan

◆United States
United States of America

Oceania, North America, Central America, Middle East
Aruba, Curacao, Dominica, Panama, Sint Maarten, Turks and Caicos Islands, Cook Islands, New Zealand, Samoa, Mexico, Israel, Saudi Arabia

Albania, Armenia, Belarus, Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Gibraltar, Iceland, Ireland, Liechtenstein, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Switzerland, Turkey, Austria, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Hungary, Latvia, Lithuania Netherlands, North Macedonia, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Belgium, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Guernsey, Italy, Jersey, Malta, Romania, San Marino, Ukraine, United Kingdom, Isle of Man

◆South America and Africa
Algeria, Angola, Uganda, Egypt, Ethiopia, Gabon, Gambia, Democratic Republic of Congo (Kinshasa), Cote d'Ivoire, Saint Helena, Tunisia, Togo, Madagascar, Mozambique, Morocco, Mauritius, Liberia, South Africa, South Sudan, Equatorial Guinea, Argentina, Dutch Caribbean, Colombia, Suriname, Brazil, Chile, Djibouti, Ghana, Kenya, Nigeria, Peru, Sudan, Tanzania

Specified delivery date

Delivery date and time specification can not be accepted. Based on the inquiry number to be sent after shipping, please make a change directly to the shipping company.

Number of days delivered

Usually, we will ship from 1 to 2 business days from your order. ※ If order is concentrated, or if the weather is affected by the weather failure, we may have time to deliver. Please note in advance. ※ Delivery may be somewhat back and forth depending on the weather and road conditions. ※ Please note that the cancellation and change of the product can not be accepted. ※ In the case of overseas delivery, the situation may change the delivery schedule by the situation. ※ We do not ship on weekends and public holidays, New Year holidays and store designated holidays.

Notes on delivery

If the item is returned due to the absence or absence of a long term, and the return of the item is due to customer's convenience, you may not receive the order from next time. Please understand. * the shipment of the item is every order. The order you received separately will be shipped separately, and the shipping cannot be carried out. * Please note that your order will be cancelled automatically if you are missing or missing due to the delivery deadline.

Contact after shipping

After shipping the product, we will notify you of the package inquiry number by mail. When confirming, the "inquiry document number" described in the "Product Shipping Notification E-mail" to be sent after shipping the product is prepared, and if Sagawa ExpressHereMore than Yamato TransportHereMore than EMSHerePlease check more.

About dispatch of reserved product

Cancellation of the product you have received, refund and delivery date and time specification can not be accepted.

About wrapping

We do not accept special wrapping in our shop. Please note.

About payment method

credit card

VISA / MASTER / JCB / American Express JCB / VISA / MASTER / American Express

Apple pay

Payment method in Apple Pay * If you do not see Apple Pay in the following cases · If you are an order from a non-iPhone or a non-iPhone browser, the customer's iPhone or iOS version is Apple Pay If you are not a target-if you have not configured Apple Pay on your iPhone wallet * Please check the Apple's website for details on Apple Pay and Wallet

Google Pay

How to pay at Google Pay ※ If you do not see Google Pay in the following cases · If you are an order from a browser other than Chrome · If your OS version is not the target of Google Pay, the customer google pay If no setting is not set ※ For more information about Google Pay, please check the Google website



Amazon Payに登録された配送先情報(アドレス帳)やクレジットカード情報を利用して簡単にお買い物できます。

Cellular carriers payment (For residents of Japan only)

Please refer to each carrier's page for details on how to use the service.
DOCOMO Payment
au Easy Payment
Softbank Collective Payment

Consumption tax

Consumption tax rate: 10.0% ※ Display price is tax-included price. ※ less than 1 yen will be rounded down. ※ Calculate consumption tax for each product.

About cancellation, return and exchange


We do not accept cancellations of products that have been ordered or changes in the contents of products (addition of products or changes to other products). Before completing your order, please check the size, color, price, quantity, etc., to make sure that there are no mistakes in the order contents.

Returns and exchanges

We do carefully checked before shipping and we have fully fully for product management, but if there is a defective product such as dirt and corruption, we will replace it with good items immediately. If a product different from your order or a defect is found, the shipping fee and fee will also be responsible for returned goods or replacement. I think that there are many unknown points and anxious points, so please contact us at first.

Case that can not accept returned goods / exchange

Returns exchange are only accepted if defective products and product differences. (Please note that cancellations are not accepted as a rule.) Thank you very much, but there are some who can not accept returns and exchange. Please note. ※ A case-one week after arrival and product arrival · Opened new article · Wearing new items · Wearing new items · Used · Used · Different from the delivery · SALE price Product · SALE price product · Purchase history in this site There is no need for return and exchange of returns and replacements due to customer's convenience.

Shipping fee at the time of return

When "defective product" or "product different from your order" arrives, the delivery fee associated with the return of the product of "return / exchange" due to our store convenience will be borne by our store. Please note that the customer will be charged for the delivery fee associated with the return of the "return / exchange" product due to customer's convenience, such as "different from the image".


In the case of card settlement, cancel payment to the card company or change the settlement amount. The refund when the debiting is made from the card company may be "the next month refund or the monthly repayment of the next month". [Cautions] If the product is returned, the shipping fee and the various fees for payment will not be refunded.

For customers who refuse to receive or are away for a long time

After ordering, if there is no notification of cancellation, etc., and it is not possible to receive the product or deliver it due to long-term absence, we will process the refund after deducting the following fees for delivery, in our store, if the product is returned due to refusal of receiving without justifiable reason, storage expiration of the shipping company, etc., we will charge the following fee. ・ Please note that we will refund the round-trip delivery fee, return administration fee, and other actual cost fees for delivery after deducting the above amount. Please note that orders from customers who repeat the above acts may be refused.

The others

About pre-order

HerePlease refer to the.